Yo Whatsapp Web Official Security Download

If you are looking for the Yo Whatsapp Web Official Security Download, then please read on, this time you will find the Yo WhatsApp Web Official link . 


you can click on the link below to download the secure version of Yo WhatsApp, you can find out more information on the official website You can click on the link below to download the secure version of Yo WhatsApp.

The Yo Whatsapp application is an improved and modified version of the original Whatsapp. Even though the original version is bug free, it still lacks some features and can be frustrating to use at times.

There are tons of WA MOD APKs available online, however, some of them are fakes or just copies of the original software with no additional features. To make it easy for you to access them, we decided to collect such WA MODs from several reliable sources.

In today's article we present some Yo Whatsapp features and provide a link to Yo Whatsapp Web Official Security Download. Try the latest version of Yo Whatsapp APK to take advantage of all its amazing features.


Unique features of Yo Whatsapp Web Official Security Download

The latest version of this app comes with new enhancements and unique features that we will cover below.


Hide last seen status

The last seen status itself can be used as a marker for the last time you were online or opened the Yo Whatsapp app. However, sometimes this last seen status can interfere with your privacy as a user. Therefore, the Yo WA app allows you to hide the last status. As a result, the last seen status that was previously visible to others is not currently visible.


Hiding the status view

Another feature of the YOWhats app that protects your privacy is the ability to hide the status view. Sometimes you may want to view the status of another person, but you do not want it to be visible in the list of people who have viewed that person's status. By using this feature, you will not appear in the list of people who have viewed the status, even if you have seen it. This of course makes your privacy more conscious.


Bringing up "read" status after a reply

This feature may rarely be found in other WA MODs and is not even available in the original Whatsapp app. It shows a 'read' status after a reply, meaning that if you have replied to a message, a new 'read' status will appear. If you only read it, the status will not change to a blue tick mark and will remain as tick mark 2 (delivered).


Hiding the 'typing' and 'recording' status

When you type or record, the "typing" and "recording" states appear. For some people this can be very disturbing because of the interference with privacy. Using Yo Whatsapp, you can solve this problem by hiding the 'typing' and 'recording' status. If this state is enabled, you can type and record without having to worry about either state appearing.


Sending messages outside of saved contacts

If you are using the original Whatsapp application, you have to save the number to your contact list in order to send a Whatsapp message. But with YO WA, you can send WA messages without having to save your number. This feature is certainly useful for those who shop online a lot, as you don't need to save the seller's number to ask questions.


Remove "forwarded" status

If you forward a message to a group or someone else, a "forwarded" status will appear. So even if the message is the result of another user forwarding it, the message will appear as if you had typed it yourself.


Filter the contacts that can call you

If you don't want to answer calls from certain people stored in your Whatsapp contacts but don't want to block them, YO WA can help you do so. With YO WA, you can select which contacts can reach you by phone. With this feature, not just anyone can call you, but of course your privacy will be more conscious.


Anti-deletion of statuses and messages

The status on Whatsapp will disappear if more than 24 hours have passed since it was posted. But if you use the YO WA app, you can still see your friend's status even if it's been more than 24 hours. As with deleted messages, you can still view messages that have been deleted by the sender. These features are one of the main features of YO WA, as they are not in the original Whatsapp app.


There is a wide range of themes

It has a variety of themes and you can of course change the look of Yo Whatsapp as required. You can use the available themes for free without paying a penny, as they are included in the application package. Not only themes, but you can also personalise the look of Yo Whatsapp, such as colours, fonts and more.


Disable the video call function

Sometimes you may be annoyed when you get a video call because it's easier to chat or call. By using Yo Whatsapp, you can disable the video call feature. You can also reactivate this video calling feature in the settings menu if you need it again.


How to install Yo Whatsapp

It is not uncommon for the installation of YO WA on an Android device to fail. This happens because you have not enabled permission to install apps from third parties or apps that are not in the Google Play Store.

Here are some steps you can take to install the YO WA app on your Android device.


  • The first step is to download the APK file from the link provided.
  • Once downloaded successfully, you can open the Settings menu and select the Biometrics and Security option.
  • On the biometric and security menu, select the "Install unknown apps" option.
  • Several applications will then appear. You can select the "My files" application and then enable "Allow from this source".
  • You can then open the YO WA download file and install it.


How to update Yo Whatsapp

It is important for you to update this YO WA application regularly. In addition to updating the functionality, the update will also improve the account security system so that you are not banned. Here are some steps to update YO WA.

  • Open the YO WA app and go to the settings menu.
  • Afterwards, you can select the update option.
  • Then select the Check for updates option to check for the latest version of YO WA.
  • If an updated version is available, you will automatically be connected to Google Chrome to download the update download link.
  • You can click on the link to have the yo WA system automatically updated.

Using Yo Whatsapp 2022 is one way to get a different experience when using the Whatsapp app. Although there is an anti-blocking feature, there is still a possibility of this app being blocked as it is a MOD app and is not yet an official app.

This is all about Yo Whatsapp Web Official Security Download. If you want to head over to Yo WhatsApp Web Official for a secure download, then you can click on the official website link in this article to jump and download the latest version of Yo WhatsApp, or to learn more about Yo WhatsApp for more information!

latest version of Yo WhatsApp

How to solve the problem of YO WhatsApp APK message delay?

 Have you ever experienced a delay in sending messages on YO WhatsApp APK ? It makes you crazy to watch the delayed delivery of messages, even when the network is in excellent condition. You may wonder, why? Is it a problem with the network signal or the YO WhatsApp APK system? Now, let me help you to resolve the confusion.

How to solve the problem of YO WhatsApp APK message delay?

If you are in a well-signaled environment, there will still be delays in message delivery. You can try the following measures.

Restart YO WhatsApp APK

The first thing that cannot be ruled out is a problem with the YOWhatsApp system. The YO WhatsApp system may be lagging at that time. You will need to exit YO WhatsApp and re-enter the application.

Restart the Android device

In addition to restarting YO Mod WhatsApp, Occasionally it is likely that the app is not running. 1 quickly enough due to the device.

Clearing the phone cache

This is likely to be the most significant cause of delayed message delivery. Not only do you need to clear YO WhatsApp’s cache, but you also need to clear the junk of your Android phone to free up internal storage space.

Turn off power saving mode

You can also check to see if you have power saving mode turned on. If power saving mode is turned on, you need to turn it off. This is because the power-saving mode will limit the use of some functions to a certain extent, which may result in slower message sending.

Reinstall YO WhatsApp

If none of the above operations can resolve the problem, you may need to uninstall YOWhatsApp and reinstall YO Mod WhatsApp.

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Do your know Stickers? Fouad WhatsApp stickers provide the different surprise for you!

 We all know that Fouad WhatsApp has developed many creative features for its users. For example, customize themes, change chat background and fonts, customize icons, hide personal online status, etc. With the widespread use of Fouad WhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp stickers feature is becoming more and more noticed. 

Fouad WhatsApp stickers can be able to convey emotions instead of words. When you can’t express your feelings in words, or you want to make chatting fun and relaxed, you can use stickers to liven up your conversation. Even when you’re in an awkward situation with your friends, stickers are definitely your help! Even though emojis and GIFS already exist to convey information, stickers can provide a certain degree of freshness. Trust me, It will definitely blow your mind!

Do your know Stickers? Fouad WhatsApp stickers provide the different surprise for you!

About Fouad WhatsApp stickers


Fouad WhatsApp stickers has a wide variety of stickers. The majority of these stickers will satisfy any emotional need you may have. You can use them for free.


You can import pictures from your album into stickers . The main thing is that you can also click the Add button in the FouadStickers APP to add the stickers you need.


When you choose a sticker to send to your friends, it doesn’t just send it right away. Before sending, you will be given a preview of the sticker and you will be asked to confirm sending.


How to Use Fouad WhatsApp Stickers

  • First you need to download a Fouad Sticker APK
  • Open the APK in the file manager and install
  • After installing, open it and you will see a lot of sticker categories, click the icon on the right, you can add them
  • Finally open your Fouad WhatsApp. Select a friend’s chat interface and click the text box. Click the emoji icon. And you will find a new icon in it, which is the sticker icon.Inside is the new sticker you just added.
How to Use Fouad WhatsApp Stickers

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Ocultar u ocultar conversaciones con contactos en WhatsApp Plus.

Hola querido amigo, siempre nos ha molestado el problema de que cuando el contenido de un nuevo mensaje se muestra en la pantalla de inicio, accidentalmente es visto por otros. ¿Tienes miedo de que la persona que te ha robado el teléfono vea las transcripciones de tus conversaciones con tus amigos?

Click the below link to download from official website whatsapppluss.com: whatsapp plus apkHay otros mods relativamente buenos para WhatsApp, como YO WhatsApp. ¡Es un MOD muy sólido!

¿Alguna vez te has preguntado cómo ocultar tus conversaciones con ciertos contactos? En este blog aprenderá cómo ocultar u ocultar una conversación con WhatsApp Plus. Son solo unos pocos pasos simples, solo tienes que mover el dedo y listo

¿Cómo ocultar el historial de chat con un contacto?

  • Primero, abrir WhatsApp Plus y volver a la pantalla de chat
  • Mantenga presionado el contacto hasta que aparezca un icono de "TICK "debajo de su avatar.
  • Luego haga clic en los tres pequeños puntos en la esquina superior derecha de la pantalla y seleccione ocultar el historial de chat
  • A continuación, se le pedirá que introduzca el código PIN
  • Después de introducir el código PIN, se mostrará la interfaz oculta. El contacto que acaba de seleccionar está aquí.
  • Este contacto ya no aparece cuando vuelve a la pantalla de chat original.
  • Cuando él o ella le envía un mensaje, el sistema no muestra el contenido del mensaje, sino que simplemente le pregunta si ha recibido un nuevo mensaje.
  • Cómo detectar conversaciones con contactos
  • La diferencia es que necesita trabajar en la interfaz de conversación oculta

Nota: independientemente del tipo de operación que realice, puede seleccionar varios contactos.

Después de verlo, ¿Se pone en funcionamiento? ¿No es fácil hacerlo? Si no lo has hecho, deberías hacerlo ahora. Con este método, puede proteger sus conversaciones con sus contactos.

How do I send a WhatsApp message without saving my number?

My friend, I'm sure there are times when you want to use WhatsApp Yo messages without saving your phone number. For example, sometimes we need to contact a delivery person or Courier to verify a receipt or delivery. Or, for work reasons, you may need to message a lot of strangers. At this point, you'll definitely want to ask for help on how to send WhatsApp messages without saving your number.

How do I send a WhatsApp message without saving my number?

Click the below link to download from official website yowhatsapp.org: Yo WhatsApp download

I think the first thing a lot of people want to do is find this feature in the original WhatsApp. But unfortunately, my friend, the original version of WhatsApp doesn't offer this feature. Although you can send WhatsApp messages to your contacts at any time, the original version of WhatsApp does not allow users to send messages without saving their numbers. This is a limitation of the original WhatsApp app and cannot be changed within this app.

This article aims to give you another idea. You don't need to download any third-party applications to send messages to strangers. Instead, you should download Yo WhatsApp - for the best reason!

  • First, Yo WhatsApp offers all the features of the original WhatsApp. That means you can just download Yo WhatsApp instead of having both Yo WhatsApp and the original WhatsApp on your phone, which takes up a lot of memory, right?
  • Second, Yo WhatsApp is not as strict as before. You don't need to download any other third-party applications specifically designed to send messages to strangers. As long as you use Yo WhatsApp, you can send messages to unknown numbers at will.
  • Finally, Yo WhatsApp offers enhanced security. If you use Yo WhatsApp, the developers can keep your phone and messages safe. However, using third-party applications can put your private data at risk.

So how do you send a WhatsApp message to Yo without saving your number? The answer is to go straight to Yo WhatsApp.